Vermont's only Deva Curl

certified stylist

Don't be fooled by other salons that say they are Deva Curl certified.

Curly Girl Salon is the ONLY salon in Vermont with a Deva Curl certified stylist.

Deva Curl has a website to find us!

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A Curly Girl Cut

First and foremost, I am passionate about cutting curly hair. As a curly girl myself, I know the struggle of finding a good stylist that understands your curls.

I am certified in the Deva Curl technique. This is a technique used specifically for cutting curly hair. You curls will be cut in their natural form - dry, not wet. Each curl is individually cut and shaped for your desired style. You even get a personal curl care lesson, a CURLscription, to keep looking your curly best every day!

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You can certainly buy something that looks like the same products I have in the salon at the grocery store or online, but they're likely not the real deal.

The problem with big chains, including places that seem like they'd be legit like Target or CVS, selling bootleg salon beauty products that they're not authorized to carry is known in the beauty industry as diversion.  To be clear, this is not an indictment of actual chain store hair care lines and if those work for you that’s great!  Whatever does the trick.  I’m talking about lines like Deva Curl that are only sold by their company to salons and then weirdly end up in the same place as paper towels.  

What happens is that the world's least threatening black market underlords (actually, they call it the "gray market") will buy salon products from a legitimate distributor, then set them aside in a warehouse for years until the barcode expires so they can't be tracked.  During this time, not only does the barcode expire but so does the product inside, warping from heat or just the cruel sands of time into something that is an ineffective shadow of its former self.  

Here's Why You Should Think Twice Before

Buying Salon Products At The Drugstore